Our History

Founded over sixty years ago The Berkshire Group now incorporates a range of property companies.

From its humble beginnings, The Berkshire Group have become market leading investment and development specialists constantly evolving in line with the modern demands of today’s world whilst upholding our traditional values.
Throughout our existence and despite the ever-changing market conditions and constant new challenges, our overall objective has remained unchanged, to create wealth through strategic property investments.

What We Do



Property Management


Joint Ventures

Asset Management

Our Vision

We make informed investment decisions priding ourselves on efficiency with the ability to make quick decisions and perform with speed. All transactions involve plans subject to intense scrutiny and modelling which create consistency and support structured growth. We have strong experience dealing with different types of market trends and thus are confident in our methods which have led to an enviable track record.

We have a solid balance sheet with healthy reserves and can provide financial reassurance if required. We also have strong long-term relationships with various high Street Banks and specialist lenders which enable us to secure funding whenever required.

We endeavour to continue to specialise in long term sustained wealth creation and growth.

Where We Invest

  • Residential Investments
  • Student Accommodation
  • Development sites
  • Commercial Premises
  • Industrial Premises
  • Dilapidated Buildings
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Hotels